Strathmore Artist Papers™ Series

For over 125 years Strathmore Artist Papers™ has been providing artists with the finest papers on which to create their artwork. Our papers are manufactured to exacting specifications for every level of expertise.

100 Series | Youth

Ignite a lifelong love of art. Designed for ages 5 and up, the paper types and features have been selected to enhance the creative process.

200 Series | Good

Value without compromise. Good quality paper at a great price that’s economical enough for daily use. The broad range of papers is a great starting point for the beginning and developing artist.

Vision | Good

Let the world see your vision. An affordable line of pads featuring extra high sheet counts and durable construction. Tear away fly sheets reveal a heavyweight, CUSTOMIZABLE, blank cover made from high quality, steel blue mixed media paper.

300 Series | Better

Discover the difference. Better quality paper designed for quick studies and the practice of techniques with any media, as well as final artwork by beginning or student artists.

400 Series | Best

Draw on experience. Best quality with superior sheet formation, harder surfaces, and a variety of textures that work with a wider range of media and styles. Perfect for advanced artists.

400 Series Recycled | Best

Conserve without compromise. Best quality recycled paper containing post-consumer fiber that is rated Grade A for cleanliness. Strathmore® supports environmental solutions that don’t compromise paper performance, appearance, or price. Perfect for advanced artists.

500 Series | Premium

Create a legacy. Premium quality, professional grade fine art papers. All papers are archival quality, acid free, and manufactured with cotton fiber for enhanced surface durability and exceptional results. Perfect for professional artists.

Pads for every level of expertise:

100 Series - Youth
200 Series - Good
Vision Series - Good
300 Series - Better
400 Series - Best
500 Series - Premium
Sequential Art Series

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Paper Media Guide PDF

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Fine Art Papers Guide PDF

Learn about our papers, their uses and classifications.
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