100 Series Youth Project Ideas

Get inspired to create! Our 100 Series papers are perfect for all sorts of projects.

Our project ideas have easy-to-follow instructions with step-by-step sample images. We show you all the materials you need to create your own artwork.

Click on a project below to get started.

Glue and Chalk Leaves

Project Idea: Glue and Chalk Leaves

Henna Hands

Project Idea: Doodle Paper

Torn Paper Animal Collage

Project Idea: Smooth Bright Construction Paper

How to Make a Mola

Project Idea: Construction Paper

Textured Owl

Project Idea: Mixed Media Paper

Clown Fish

Project Idea: Paint Paper

Pattern Cat

Project Idea: Marker Paper

Pin Flowers

Project Idea: Marker Paper

Shaded Cat

Project Idea: Sketchbook